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The Sloths… need… your… help.


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Judy Arroyo from the Costa Rica Sloth Sanctuary says: "Over twenty years ago a small sloth was brought to my door. I cupped the tiny animal in my hands and knew I had to do something…"

Baby sloth, Costa Rica
"…This baby sloth was dying of starvation. Her mother was most likely dead and I was faced with a huge challenge. At the time, little was known about sloths, much less baby sloths. I was warned that I should let the baby go, that I would not be able to feed her, that I would only prolonging the inevitable."

I looked down at her little face and knew that I would do anything in my power to save this tiny sloth. Buttercup had a few difficult months. Today she holds the record of being the sloth to live the longest time in captivity and she reigns supreme over our veranda at the Sloth Sanctuary."

The Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica is in great need of your end-of-the-year donation consideration!

Your donation can go far:
$10 – stuffed 'Mom' surrogate
$20 – baby bottle
$50 – baby check-up
$100 – baby incubator
$200 – feed a baby for a year

Consider donating today, here.

OK! OK! Sloth close-up!

Consider donating today, here. Top image by Salz R. Thanks to Miriam S. and Georgienne B.

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