Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Drinks Trays at Greystone


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Today is my last day of Maison de Luxe posting. Upon going through the house, I realized that a lot of designers added drinks trays or bar carts to their rooms. Seeing that it's the holidays and most of will be doing a fair amount of entertaining, I thought that these photos might be a little food for thought. Make that drink for thought.

Image at top: Designer David Phoenix styled this drinks tray for his Dining Room. It's traditional and timeless.

Kathryn Ireland used a drinks trolley in her Social Secretary's Room. I'm guessing that the fictitious social secretary doesn't get much work done.

Philip Gorrivan used the niche for his Breakfast Room drinks set up.

Patrick Dragonette used all kinds of terrific vintage glassware and decanters for his cocktail assemblage.

Barclay Butera displayed his drinks tray upon an upholstered ottoman.

Nathan Turner had the advantage of having a bar in his Rec Room. Looks like a turban alighted upon a bottle of some kind of spirit.

All photos by Jennifer Boles for The Peak of Chic.


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