Thursday, December 8, 2011

An Accurate Portrayal


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funny dog pictures - Ai Kno U R, But Wut Am Ai!?

Kittehs! Pssht! Dey don't knos nuffin' bowt naemz! U habs 2 wundurr wut goz on in dere heds when dey don't eben knos wut kind ob kitteh dey iz.

Az ai alwayz seyz, don't eber trust nuffin dat doez nawt hab a proper naem. Us goggies knos wut iz up. Kittehs need to taek a lessum frum us, don't u fink? Wut is ur faborite goggie breed? Let us knoz in da kommentz and let's show does kittehs juss how many ob us dere r!

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