Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Coffee Buzz: Coffee Snobs Unite Over Hatred of Dark Roasts


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via Eater National by Paula Forbes on 2/1/12

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It isn't just Starbucks that's going blonde these days: roasters from big chains like Peet's to smaller boutiques like Intelligentsia Coffee and Blue Bottle Coffee Co. are producing lighter roasts. Today, the Wall Street Journal profiles the trend, and, as articles on lighter roasted coffee tend to be, it's rife with blonde puns and coffee snobs that are really, really angry about dark roast coffee.

For example, Jeremy Tooker of Four Barrel Coffee in San Francisco likes lighter roasts: "When it is dark, you taste charcoal, the same charcoal that's on a piece of toast." Burn (get it?). Also, retired school administrator Jackie Russell says of dark roasts, "It's really just a terrible taste to me. It almost tastes like something that has burned." All right, coffee fans, now it's your chance to vent all your dark roast frustrations in the comments. You know you want to.

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