Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Keep Your Sleeves Up! Bartender's Garters

You and Sumeet should get matching Garters.


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via The Kitchn on 1/11/12

2012-01-11-BartenderSleeves2.jpgSleeves. They are a problem in the winter. No matter how securely I think I've rolled them, the cuffs always seem to sneak down right when it's least convenient to push them back up again. Bartenders back in the day had this problem solved. They wore sleeve garters to adjust the sleeve length on their one-size-fits-all dress shirts and to keep their cuffs out of the way while mixing drinks. These fabric-wrapped elastics are big enough to slip over your elbow while still snugly holding the shirt sleeve in place. Sounds perfect to me.


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