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'Buckswire: Starbucks Loses Lawsuit Over NH Roaster's 'Charbucks'


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via Eater National by Paula Forbes on 12/30/11


Black Bear Micro Roastery, a coffee shop in Center Tuftonboro, New Hampshire, finally won after years of legal battles against the international coffee chain Starbucks. It seems the coffee giant takes issue with Black Bear's so-called "Charbucks" roast — which bears the slogan "You wanted it've got it dark!" — and has been hurling lawsuits at them since 1997. Charbucks, it should be noted, is often used as a less than complimentary nickname for Starbucks' tendency to get a little roast-happy with their beans.

Now a U.S. District Court in New York has shut down Starbucks' claim once and for all that the Charbucks roast dilutes their brand; the judge ruled consumers "are not likely to impair the distinctiveness of the famous Starbucks marks." Black Bear, feel free to taunt Starbucks in peace. They've gone soft with their roasts now, anyhow.

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